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Transportable aerial systems are highly specialized. Nucsafe has developed two mountable pod versions for use with manned and unmanned helicopters. The pods are flight certified, waterproof, and high-shock designs including a spectroscopic gamma / neutron gross counting pod pods. Contact Nucsafe for additional information on these systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Solid-state large volume neutron detectors
Large area gamma detector for high sensitivity and spectroscopy

Emphasis on low energy isotope detection
Ruggedized design for flight operations
Easy and fast deployment on manned and unmanned aerial vehicles
Gamma spectroscopy
ANSI 42.42 compliant data logging
Emission free
Flight certified
Interior and exterior vehicle mounting configurations
Fast setup

ARDIMS shown mounted to helicopter.

Close up of pods.

ARDIMS can be configured as a two or four pod configuration.  Below are in-flight shots of both.

Unparalleled Performance, Unsurpassed Sensitivity.
Expert results for non-expert users.

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