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Nucsafe and PNNL are selected for a 1999 R&D 100 award.
PUMA Scintillating Glass Fibers are now available commercially.


June 30, 1999 - Nucsafe in conjunction with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has been selected as a recipient for a 1999 R&D100 award winning technology for PUMA.


The award was presented at the annual R&D100 Award Banquet, this year held in Chicago on September 25, 1999. Accepting the award were Dr. Ned Wogman, Dr. Ron Brodzinski, Dr. Mary Bliss, Mr. Bruce Geelhood, all of PNNL and Dr. Rick Seymour of Nucsafe Inc..

R&D100 Award
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Since 1963, R&D Magazine has honored scientific innovators by selecting each year the 100 most significant products, materials, processes, software or systems with commercial promise. The awards program is international in scope and technologies are nominated in open competition.



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