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Useful Information
Understanding some fundamentals of radiation counting systems is essential to prudent selection of the equipment that will be purchased and deployed for these applications. This section of the catalog is intended to present some fundamental concepts to non-expert users about radiation measurement systems. It will help you understand the basic theory of radiation measurement and in selecting the type of detectors and options that will best meet your application requirements.

Nucsafe is committed to solving problems with our clients. Whether in advising about instrument capability and suitability, after-sales support, service or training, Nucsafe is here to help you get the most out of the equipment and to make its operation simple and reliable for the user.

  • Radiation Basics
  • Radiation Risks
  • Gross Counting
  • Detectors
  • Selecting a Gamma Ray Detector
  • Selecting a Neutron Detector
  • Electronics and Pulse Processing
  • Radiation Counting with Guardian Systems
  • Gamma Ray Interactions, Gamma Spectroscopy and Nuclide Identification
  • Determining the Presence of Radiation, Alarm Calculations and Statisitics
  • References
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