Our Products

Nucsafe has four general categories of products, Stationary Continuous Radiation Monitoring Systems, our Guardian CRMS family, Transportable Radiation Monitoring Systems, our Guardian TRMS product family and Portable Radiation Search Tools, our Guardian PRST product family. The fourth group of products are handheld instruments that provide both search and radionuclide identification features in a handheld form factor.

These systems share a common architecture, called Guardian Gen4 Architecture, that is the most advanced modular design available for these products.

Nucsafe uses detector technologies that are appropriate to the application and that meet client preferences. Nucsafe is the only commercial company offering multiple gamma ray and neutron detection technologies for its systems. Gamma ray detectors include polyvinyl toluene (PVT) and optionally, NaI detectors allowing individual radionuclide activities to be determined. In addition, specific products are also available with CsI(Tl) and La-halide scintillators.

Nucsafe offers He-3 gas tubes and a one-of-a-kind Li-6 bearing neutron sensitive scintillating optical fiber for neutron detection. The rugged flexible fibers with large light output and long transmission lengths are less sensitive to vibration than the alternative gas tube technology. This technology allows commercial product development for neutron sensors, not possible with gas tube technology.

Fiber optic radiation sensors have distinct advantages over the gas tube. These advantages include:


Rugged and flexible


Large dynamic range


Versatile in length and numbers of fibers


Comformable for optimal source-detector geometry

Technical Solutions

Nucsafe’s products utilize a variety of gamma ray detection technologies in its products including NaI(Tl), PVT and other gamma scintillation sensors. For neutron detection, both 3He and a patented, innovative neutron-sensitive scintillating glass fiber are available. The solid-state nature of these scintillating glass fiber sensors provides high sensitivity, greater safety (no transport restrictions), less sensitivity to vibration and a large dynamic counting range.

These detectors are integrated with electronics to create smart sensors, described later. The smart sensors are integrated into an enclosure with additional electronics that become a radiation sensor panel. One or more of these panels are arrayed into a radiation portal system capable of monitoring items from a small package to a double stacked container.

Nucsafe has integrated video and CCTV cameras, from a number of manufacturers, with optical character recognition (OCR) for automated number plate recognition (ANPR). These cameras can monitor traffic or passengers. Using Nucsafe’s patent pending threat matrix, ANPR data can be compared to a national database of suspected vehicles to generate alarms even when no radiation alarm occurs. Traffic management systems are available and designed to address site specific requirements.

Nucsafe’s simple high level graphical user interface addresses how each networked computer will be used. The design allows the simplest interface possible for the operator. In addition, Serco has integrated a handheld radionuclide identifier (RID) so that multiple spectra taken during a secondary inspection are attached to the alarm record for legal and audit purposes.

Nucsafe has also developed a database management system providing diagnostic records, state of health information, alarm records and inspection records to provide management information status (MIS) reports that can be quickly transmitted to a remote user.

Modular Design

  • Self-configuring panels and systems
  • Multiple detector types
  • Uniform operation
  • Easy Training
  • Scalable designs


  • Land, sea, air
  • Stationary, portable, transportable and hand-held
  • Adaptable
  • Software supported
  • Modeled with MCNP and Deterministic Codes
  • Excellent user evaluations

Environmentally Rugged

  • Weatherproof and environmental compliance (CE, E tested)
  • Wide temperature range functions at -40 to +60C
  • Vibration proof, resistant to microphonic noise
  • Shock proof
  • Fiber detectors will operate even if some of the fibers are broken (i.e., from a bullet hole or explosion)

R & D

  • Extensive R&D program into alternative applications
  • HW and FW design
  • SW and applications design
  • Database and web client design
  • Alternative solid state sensors
  • Active interrogation

Diverse Option Set

  • Stationary Systems
    • Up to 4 cameras
    • Optical Character Recognition
    • IR, Pressure, ultrasonic
    • Nuclide ID
    • Remote monitoring
  • Mobile Systems
    • GPS / GIS
    • Nuclide ID
    • Shockproof (100G)
    • Waterproof
    • Integrated camera
    • Mobile or stationary operation
    • Wireless capability
    • Reach back capabilites
  • Man Portable Systems
    • Waterproof, rated to 100m underwater
    • GPS / GIS
    • Nuclide ID
    • Waterproof
    • Wireless PDA SW
    • Reach back capability

Training and Support

  • Total field support
  • Extensive training programs adaptable to technical need and customer