Backscatter Radiography

Non-Destructive Inspection

Nucsafe is proud to offer its latest line of backscatter x-ray imaging (SXI) products for your NDI applications. Our SXI products combine Nucsafe’s field proven smart sensor technology and the innovative, patented “Radiography by Selective Detection” backscatter x-ray techniques developed at the University of Florida for the space shuttle’s 2005 return to flight in reliable commercially available SXI systems.

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Scatter X-ray Imaging (SXI) is a general description for any type of x-ray imaging that used scattered x-ray or photons. Typically for traditional transmission x-ray images (below) scattered x-rays are considered noise. However, in many there are different applications that use scattered photons to generate images. This includes both incoherent and coherently scattered photons. Most of the research conducted by our research group uses incoherently (Compton) backscatter x-rays (photons) to perform single-sided imaging with a technique referred to as X-ray Backscatter Radiography by Selective Detection (RSD).

SXI systems combine the penetrating power x-rays with single-sided imaging that produces images any radiographer or technician can easily interpret.

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