Backscatter Radiography


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Backscatter X-ray Portal System


Nucsafe Backscatter X-ray Portal

  • Uses spatial sequencing (patent pending)
  • Uses smart sensor PMT sequence weighting (patent pending)
  • Uses embedded detector collimation based on patented radiography by selective detection


  • Allows for higher scanning speeds
  • Allows for higher resolution at the same scanning speeds
  • RSD increases subsurface resolution and contrast
  • Higher quality at a lower cost than existing portals and gantries with more options available

Available Energy’s

  • 225 kev
  • 450 kev

Transportable X-Ray Backscatter System

Move anywhere, mount anywhere Backscatter X-ray System



  • 0.5 to 15 mm resolution
  • Scan speed of 5 km/hr
  • Option to point in either direction
  • Option to add a generator
  • Changeable aperture option
  • Automated YAW imaging option

Available Energy’s

  • 75 kev
  • 160 kev
  • 225 kev