Mobile Radiation Detection

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Transportable systems including land, marine and aerial systems are intended to bridge the gap between man portable systems such as handhelds, briefcases and backpacks and portal radiation monitoring systems such as vehicle-container, pedestrian and conveyor systems. Mobile systems come in a variety of sizes and forms for use in land vehicles, marine vessels and aerial applications. Additionally, they can be used as temporary portal checkpoints at special events such as sports or political venues, in public buildings such as stadiums, and at governmentfacilities and military bases.

Mobile, rapid deployable, land, marine and aerial systems are provided with extra rugged packaging for operation in very harsh in-situ environments. They are designed for both temperature and shock extremes encountered in these environments. They utilize similar software and hardware to our portal systems but also have features and options of our portable systems such as wireless communications and GPS / GIS displays.

Systems capable of withstanding mechanical shocks of up to 100G have been delivered, as have a variety of special configurations for deployment on robots and attached to the sides of marine vessels. Some systems can be removed from their mobile mounts and used individually as temporary checkpoints. Converting the systems for different uses takes only minutes.

Waterproof and high-shock designs are available for ship-, helicopter-, and vehicle-mounted applications, including crane monitoring applications at ports of entry and for trans-shipment measurements. These designs are meant to withstand the rigors of marine environments and other very harsh measurement applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Solid-state large volume neutron detectors
  • Large area gamma detector for high sensitivity and spectroscopy
  • Emphasis on low energy isotope detection
  • Ruggedized design for flight operations
  • Easy and fast deployment on manned and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Mapping
  • Gamma spectroscopy
  • ANSI 42.42 compliant data logging
  • Emission free
  • Flight certified
  • Interior and exterior vehicle mounting configurations
  • Fast setup