Mobile Detection


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Transportable systems are intended to bridge the gap between portable radiation search tools (PRST) and continuous radiation monitoring systems (CRMS). The Transportable Radiation Monitoring System (TRMS) is a self-contained radiation detection system that can be quickly deployed in a vehicle.  The systems are ideal for use as temporary checkpoints at special events such as sports or political venues, in public buildings such as stadiums, and at government facilities and military bases

TRMS systems are provided with extra rugged packaging for operation in very harsh in-situ environments. They are designed for both temperature and shock extremes encountered in these application environments. These systems can utilize wireless communications and GPS / GIS displays.

Systems can be packaged in a variety of ways, from Pelican-type cases to cases that are capable of withstanding mechanical shocks of up to 100G. This type of system can also be packaged for deployment on robots. Depending on configuration, some systems can be removed from their mobile mounts and used individually as temporary checkpoints. Converting the systems for different uses takes only minutes.