Radiation Detection


Nucsafe manufactures Vehicle/Container portals, Pedestrian portals, and luggage/package portals for detection and identification of gamma and neutron radiation. Nucsafe systems are designed to meet the ANSI, ASTM and IAEA performance standards, depending on customers requirements. However, if a customer has a special request, Nucsafe will design systems around their specific requirements.

Vehicle Container Monitor | Pedestrian Monitor | Rail | Steel/Scrap


Transportable systems including land, marine and aerial systems are intended to bridge the gap between man portable systems such as handhelds, briefcases and backpacks and portal radiation monitoring systems such as vehicle-container, pedestrian and conveyor systems. Mobile systems come in a variety of sizes and forms for use in land vehicles, marine vessels and aerial applications. Additionally, they can be used as temporary portal checkpoints at special events such as sports or political venues, in public buildings such as stadiums, and at government facilities and military bases.

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Portable Systems available as backpacks, vest-packs, briefcases, handhelds or user specified custom packaging.

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Lab System

The Guardian Lab System was developed to meet the requirements of the metals industry. in today’s complex operations, it is essential that the systems be highly accurate, have maximum sensitivity, and are environmentally rugged. Nucsafe Lab Systems are designed to meet or exceed the IAEA TECDOC-855 (Clearance levels for radionuclides in solid materials) standard.

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Nucsafe’s Guardian Glass is available in various forms, including: fiber, rods, discs, plates and tubes. The glass utilizes the neutron sensitivity of 6Li for the detection of neutrons. The nucleonic detection process is characterized by the6Li absorption of a thermal neutron and generation of an alpha particle and a triton: 6Li +n → α + Triton + 4.8 MeV.

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