Radiation Detection

Lab System

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The Guardian Lab System was developed to meet the requirements of the metals industry. in today’s complex operations, it is essential that the systems be highly accurate, have maximum sensitivity, and are environmentally rugged. Nucsafe Lab Systems are designed to meet or exceed the IAEA TECDOC-855 (Clearance levels for radionuclides in solid materials) standard.

The modular design of Nucsafe’s systems provides several benefits. This “plug and play” approach results in off-the shelf yet customizable solutions for bag house, containers, rail or conveyors. In addition, the modular construction means ease of maintenance. Onsite personnel can act as the first line of defense for any service or maintenance needs. Furthermore, the networking and advanced remote monitoring and debugging capabilities mean fewer interruptions for maintenance or service, saving time and money.

The system hardware can be monitored from anywhere on the network or over the Internet (when access is granted into the site network) using the included service and diagnostic software package. This software package provides complete control of all system hardware settings; there are no controls or manual adjustments required at the hardware.

At A Glance

  • Specifically designed for, but not limited to, the steel industry
  • DSP high speed electronics for fast sampling
  • High Sensitivity better than 1Bq/g
  • Standard and expert modes of operation (password)
  • Easy to use
  • 1024 channel MCA
  • Network ready hardware
  • User defined alarm settings
  • Template matching gamma analysis
  • Automatic energy and efficiency calibration
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Self diagnostics
  • Auto email analysis results
  • Inverted design for reduced sample contamination
  • Real-time State of Health reporting for identification of issues before they turn into problems
  • Automatic system sensitivity monitoring
The status of the analysis are provided in a simple to understand red light/green light approach. This approach provides a clearly visible and simple to understand status of the analysis. A report of the analysis can be saved, then printed or viewed at any time.