Portable Radiation Detection

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Portable Systems available as backpacks, vest-packs, briefcases, handhelds or user specified custom packaging.


The Guardian Defender® and Guardian Predator® Portable Radiation Search Tools (PRST) are intended for use by safeguard inspectors, law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel for radiation source search and is ideally suited for military and law enforcement agencies tasked with counter-terrorism, for facilities inspections, and for emergency response teams. The Guardian Defender®; and Guardian Predator® are extremely easy to use, all-in-one tool that reports immediate “red light/green light” results. Configuration parameters can be customized quickly and easily for mission specific purposes. The Guardian Defender® and Guardian Predator® PRST come several configurations: backpack, a doffable vest-overlay, or custom user defined packing.

The Guardian Defender® and Guardian Predator® backpack is available in two standard configurations. Configurations include a backpack or a quick-release vest overlay. The quick release vest overlay allows the wearer to quickly doff the detector pack in the event that all weight must be shed, such as man overboard. Each configuration includes gamma ray and neutron detection using different detector type arrays: PVT with Neutron Sensitive Solid State Scintillating Glass Lithium Fiber. Optional NaI(TI) gamma spectroscopy configuration is also available which enables the Guardian Defender® and Guardian Predator® to perform radionuclide identification along with collection of spectrum for reach-back analysis. Multiple detector types can easily be mixed and matched to provide custom configurations.
The Guardian Detection System Kit is capable of detecting and identifying a wide range of radioactive material, including but not limited to, special nuclear materials such as plutonium and highly enriched uranium. Additionally, the Guardian Detection System Kit identifies a wide variety of more common radionuclides and materials, including 40K, 60Co, 57Co, 137Cs, 192Ir, 226Ra, 241Am, 232Th and 201Tl.

Depending on user requirements and configuration, the system is designed to distinguish between special nuclear material (SNM), naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), radiation dispersal devices (RDDs), medical isotopes, and industrial isotopes in a way that minimizes operator interaction with the system controls and indicators.

The Guardian Detection System Kit can be remotely connected to a Notebook PC, PDAs and cell phones. Mission critical data can be sent to and monitored from a command and control center and a central reach-back facility.

The Syclone is one of the most accurate portable gamma spectrometers available. The Syclone quickly and accurately detects and identifies gamma and neutron sources in the field despite rugged terrain, harsh weather and other difficult conditions. The Syclone is lightweight and rugged. It is specifically designed for field applications where harsh environments are encountered.

The Syclone utilizes easy to read and follow menus. The large, backlit display shows real-time count, count rate and dose rate in numeric and graphic format, with audio feedback for eyes-free operation.

The Syclone is contains high-capacity internal memory which allows large amounts of data to be stored by record number, date and time. Stored data such as spectral and dose rate information can be easily downloaded to a PC via micro USB.

Unparalleled Performance, Unsurpassed Sensitivity.
Expert results for non-expert users.