Radiation Detection

Solid State Neutron Detector

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The world is experiencing a shortage of 3Helium, the key component in nearly all neutron proportional counters used in security, medical and science applications. In response to the diminished availability of 3Helium, Nucsafe has developed neutron detectors based on 6Lithium. The Guardian Solid State Neutron Detector in combination with silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) to produce a compact, rugged and completely solid-state neutron detector. All SiPM bias, temperature compensation, photocurrent pulse processing, and gamma rejection electronics are incorporated within the detector housing and provide a LVCMOS/LVTTL compatible logic pulse for each detected neutron. It is a low power detector and requires only 3.1 – 5 V supply to operate and is well-suited for use in portable battery powered products. Dimensions and Sensitivity can be customized to accommodate specific OEM requirements.  The pictures and specification tables below are some examples of our Guardian Solid-State Neutron Detector capabilities.