Stationary Radiation Detection

Pedestrian Monitor

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A one or two sided pedestrian system can be positioned in front of customs officers’ or immigration officials’ desks or at any common entrance or exit in the customs area. Passengers with their luggage will have to move through these portals and the presence of gamma and neutron emitting radionuclides can be determined. These monitors provide a local visible or audible alarm and can be networked. Normal and high sensitivity models are available. Version of these systems include a patented split detection method capable of identifying when the source is centered in the portal providing the ability to identify a single person that has the radioactive material.


  • Patented method of detecting the location of a radioactive source.
  • Permits free flowing traffic.
  • Gamma and neutron detection with high sensitivity.
  • Triggers camera images during alarms.
  • Very low false alarm rate.
  • Spectroscopy option.
  • Local and remote alarms.
  • Database storage of data