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Nucsafe appreciates our customers and will work to help each one obtain maximum value in their technology investment. Select a specific link below to learn more:

This section of our website is provided to familiarize the reader with issues related to our applications and technologies. A section of useful information on radiation basics, radiation risks, radiation counting, detectors, electronics, alarms and statistics can be found in our Useful Information area.

This area also contains links to information about our fiber manufacturing facility, patents and trademarks, licensing and other technical information. Nucsafe has and is in the process of developing and licensing advanced radiation detection and processing technologies.

Repair Support

When you want to maintain or service it yourself, we’re here to help. We’ll help devise a spare parts stocking plan based on historical analysis of your instrument models and applications.

To help you keep your instruments operating at the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, we offer factory authorized parts at prices comparable to those of generics. All Nucsafe parts, accessories, and consumables are performance-certified and fully warranted to perform to our products’ rigorous design specifications.

Contact a Service Representative to inquire about selecting and using our parts, accessories, and consumables.

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Features & Benefits

With a Nucsafe Contractual Service Agreement (CSA) for your detector system, we provide maintenance, including parts, services and repairs, for a fixed price over a specified period of time. Compared to handling maintenance and repairs on a per-incident basis, our CSA offers several advantages:

Guaranteed Performance

Your equipment’s performance, efficiency and availability can have a dramatic impact on your success, so it doesn’t make sense to use a program that guarantees only a level of maintenance. Since our CSAs guarantee levels of performance, we are motivated to ensure your equipment performs at or above the contracted levels. We are responsible in the unlikely event that the guarantees are not met, and share in the increased upside if the equipment performs above the guaranteed levels. Because we share in both the risk and the reward, your goals become our goals. The result is a win-win situation.

Fixed Maintenance Costs

With a CSA, you know what you will spend on maintenance for the duration of the contract. The planned maintenance commitment provides scheduled replacement of parts as prudently necessary, including replacement in the unlikely event that parts do not last as long as initially anticipated. Such predictability means you can plan more effectively minimize risks and avoid using emergency funds.

The Advantage of Nucsafe’s Innovative Technology and Experience

As a technology leader, Nucsafe continuously improves our products, parts and maintenance procedures. The CSA drives us to invest in technology not only to meet but to surpass expected maintenance levels. Because we maintain numerous detector systems, our service teams can adopt procedures that have been successful elsewhere. Our monitoring and diagnostics tools identify trends and reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance. Nucsafe’s service network gives CSA customers who need emergency service or parts priority over other service requests. In addition, Nucsafe maintains dedicated resources for enhanced responsiveness and to further our commitment to superior performance.

Find the CSA Right for You

Select a category link below to learn more about the Nucsafe Service Agreements available for your product. Not sure which category is correct for your product? Browse our product category pages, and then let a customer service representative discuss the best option for you.

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Enhancement & Upgrades

Nucsafe provides enhancement and upgrade services that will help extend the capability and the useful life of your instrumentation, so as technology moves forward, your Nucsafe product will keep pace. Customers with product Service Agreements are kept informed of factory-supported upgrades and enhancements as they become available.

Are you having a problem with a Nucsafe system?

Do you need more productivity or more timely information?

Nucsafe likely has, or can formulate, a solution. Whether the problem is a maintenance headache causing excessive downtime or a performance issue, Nucsafe has a number of solutions available, both mechanical, electrical, or software. And if we don’t have something now, we can often develop it.

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