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Support and Maintenance

Nucsafe appreciates our customers and will work to help each one obtain maximum value in their technology investment. Select a specific link below to learn more:

This section of our website is provided to familiarize the reader with issues related to our applications and technologies. A section of useful information on radiation basics, radiation risks, radiation counting, detectors, electronics, alarms and statistics can be found in our Useful Information area.

This area also contains links to information about our fiber manufacturing facility, patents and trademarks, licensing and other technical information. Nucsafe has and is in the process of developing and licensing advanced radiation detection and processing technologies.

Service Center Support

Whether your business requires flexible repair options or if you’re looking to develop a support plan for your purchased Nucsafe products, Nucsafe’s Service Center repair is available. No one is better qualified to repair Nucsafe products than Nucsafe. State-of-the-art diagnostics, a rigorous adherence to repair protocols, and hours of mandatory training for each and every one of our repair technicians translates to a level of service unmatched in the industry. Your products are repaired to original manufacturing standards, so they run as efficiently as ever.

We will work with you for a rapid turnaround time that works best for your business, from express shipment to standard in house repair. Additional options are available to ensure repaired units are returned configured, with your applications reloaded, ready for immediate use in your operation.
Nucsafe’s Service Center maintenance and support plans are available in one-year and multi-year timeframes and can be purchased at any time. Benefits include:

  • Rapid, accurate diagnosis of the cause of equipment failure
  • Fast, reliable equipment repair
  • Products restored to original factory quality
  • Convenient, flexible options for service turnaround time
  • Calibration
  • Upgrade Installation
  • Refurbishment
  • Preventative Maintenance

Contact us to find out how your Nucsafe representative can help you include Service Center repair as part of your support plan.

Field Service

Service Right At Your Facility

Whether you are five miles or five thousand miles away – your Nucsafe customer service representative has the resources and capability to send a certified service engineer/technician to help you with an on-site equipment repair, calibration and / or preventive maintenance. Contact a service representative to schedule on-site field service, request an estimate of cost, or to get specific details regarding service of your Nucsafe product.

Fast Response

Every effort will be made to have a field service engineer/technician on-site as quickly as possible. Response times may vary according to your location and current service demands. Guaranteed and priority response times are available by protecting your product via a Nucsafe Service Agreement.

Parts and labor warranties related to field service

Labor is warranted for 30 days following completion of the repair. Parts warranty may vary by instrument and part. Consumable parts may have a different warranty period.

Per-visit costs

On-site field services is charged on a per-visit basis and includes costs associated with travel (time, airfare, meals, lodging and car rental), on-site labor (by the hour), and the cost of replacement parts not covered under an existing warranty.

Whether you are installing a new system or need help with an existing one- we can help.

  • Installations
  • System Integration
  • Start Up
  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Site evaluation
  • Training

Contact a Nucsafe service representative for more information and a non-binding quotation.

Contact Us

Technical Support

Nucsafe Technical Support (NTS) will provide knowledgeable technical support professionals to respond to all customer inquiries. NTS phone lines are open during regular business hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If we are unable to answer your call immediately we will call you back within no more than one business day if you leave a message. Web-based support is available, allowing customers to submit technical support questions via email and to search our online information sources any time at

NTS will acknowledge and, when possible, resolve all customer inquiries within one business day of the initial inquiry. Email responses from NTS will include a contact name.

NTS will inform the customer within one business day if the issue can not be immediately resolved and requires escalation. Escalation will take place that same business day.

NTS strives to resolve all customer issues within five business days of the initial inquiry.

  • Set-Up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Firmware
  • Software
Extended Warranty

It Starts When the Standard Warranty Stops

You have the right to expect the very best performance from your radiation detector system… but life isn’t perfect and equipment does often need repaired.

That’s why Nucsafe offers 1yr, 2yr and 3yr extended warranties – comprehensive plans that cover repairs to your equipment so you can stop worrying about untimely problems.

Installation Services

Nucsafe provides a wide range of Installation Services including installation/construction design, installation management, and technician/craft labor personnel. Use of highly skilled labor throughout the installation process will minimize interferences with other equipment, ensure a smooth transition between project phases, and enhance project quality and efficiency.

How Nucsafe Services Benefit You Installation/Construction Design

Nucsafe engineers can simplify your installation project by providing site specific installation documents such as:

  • Equipment Lists
  • Cable & Conduit Schedules
  • Interconnection Diagrams
  • As-build Systems Drawings
  • Input/Output and Instrumentation Index
  • Equipment Specifications

Installation Management

Nucsafe utilizes established Installation Management processes and procedures to assess risk, minimize process interruptions, maintain process integrity, and optimize cost savings. Nucsafe’s Installation Management processes include:

  • Safety Evaluation and Management
  • Site Management
  • Project Management
  • Contractor Coordination
  • Procurement Services
  • Technical Direction

Technician/Craft Labor Services

Installation services can be provided from our trained and experienced staff of managers, engineers, technicians, and craft labor personnel. Nucsafe has the proper resources to handle and coordinate each phase of the project. Installation teams give you the assurance that the project integrity and goals are maintained throughout the project.